It’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle.

Our Community is shaped by creative doers, artists at heart. Our focus remains on the craft of content and design and the ability to realise and articulate our ideas.

At Red Bridge we believe it’s not what we do, but who we are.

Thirsty Thursdays.

To get social juices flowing, every Thursday evening the agency hosts team drinks.

The Hot Red Getaway.

Our annual retreat, holiday party, and reset button — all in one. That’s right, once a year all 50-something of us pack our bags and head out into the great unknown to learn, share and celebrate.

Lunch ‘n Learn.

Inspired by TED, our Lunch ‘n Learn talks are prepared and delivered by one of yours truly, on any desired topic so long as it’s educational, innovative and relevant.

Values we live by.

Our four core values are focused on one key purpose: to foster an environment where creativity thrives and benefits all, to support our teams with producing the best work of their careers.

Our values are what turn us from a group of individuals into a well-oiled team.

Nurturing creative talent.

We bring together a diverse mix of people, cultures and talents, where individual specialisms are celebrated and combined to form a powerful collaborative culture where each voice is heard.